3rd AI4DI Webinar: AI for Automotive Manufacturing and Mobility-as-a-Service

11th May 2021, online@Vimeo

AI4DI partners held the 3rd Webinar of the project, presenting the consortium’s work in the realm of AI for Smart Food and Beverage Production.

Food processing is one of the critical revenues generating sector for a majority of the developed and developing economies, and the implementation of IoT/IIoT and robotics solutions in the industrial sector has supported overcome critical issues related to production and execution by eliminating the possible chance of human errors while reducing the redundancy in work being performed by manual labour. AI can fuel innovation in production and packaging to reach consumer expectations regarding its quality and its associated impact on the cost. To attain the potential trade-off between quality and price, industry stakeholders actively leverage the potential of AI across various applications, such as product design, quality control, maintenance, and consumer engagement, among others.

The AI4DI Webinar no3: AI for Smart Food and Beverage Production was designed to present the AI techniques and methods applied to different applications in the food and beverage industry developed by AI4DI project partners. The Webinar includes presentations from other national and European projects.