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EAI workshop agenda


European Embedded AI Ecosystem

Frank Badstübner (Infineon Technologies AG, DE), Björn Debaillie (imec, BE), Mario Diaz Nava (STMicroelectronics, FR), Ovidiu Vermesan (SINTEF, NO) - Large-scale projects overview: ECSEL JU AI4DI, TEMPO, ANDANT

Giacomo Indiveri (University of Zurich, CH) - Bio-inspired On-line Learning Circuits for Low-power Extreme-edge Spiking Neural Network Processing Systems



Session: Embedded AI devices and systems (Moderator: Björn Debaillie, imec, BE)

Frédéric Pétrot (University Grenoble Alpes, FR) - Power Optimised Wafermap Classification for Semiconductor Process Monitoring

Roland Müller (Fraunhofer IIS, DE) - Low-Power Analog In-memory Computing Neuromorphic Circuits

Loreto Mateu (Fraunhofer IIS, DE) - Tools and Methodologies for Edge-AI Inference Accelerators

Sourav De (Fraunhofer IPMS, DE) - Low-Power Vertically Stacked One Time Programmable Multi-bit IGZO-Based BEOL Compatible Ferroelectric TFT Memory Devices with Lifelong Retention for Monolithic 3D-Inference Engine Applications



Session: Embedded AI solutions (Moderator: Frank Badstübner Infineon Technologies, DE)

Bernhard Lippmann (Infineon Technologies, DE) - Addressing Physical and Functional Reverse Engineering Challenges for Advanced IoT Solutions with AI

Ivan Miro-Panades (CEA-List, FR) - Meeting the Latency and Energy Constraints on Timing-critical Edge-AI Systems

Dylan Muir (SynSense, CH) - Low-power Neuromorphic Auditory Processing - Silicon to Applications

Sara Loi (STMicroelectronics, IT) - Artificial Intelligence: The Impact in the Semiconductor World

Jianyu Zhao (Infineon Technologies AG, DE) - An Embedding Workflow for Tiny Neural Networks on ARM Cortex-M0(+) Cores

Ovidiu Vermesan (SINTEF, NO) - Architecting Edge AI Workflows for Predictive Maintenance in Industrial Applications

Ismail Rameez (Philips Research, NL) - Food Ingredients Recognition Through Multi-Label Learning



The International Workshop on Embedded Artificial Intelligence (EAI) - Devices, Systems, and Industrial Applications is part of the ESSCIRC ESSDERC 2022 European Solid-state Circuits and Devices Conference held in Milan, Italy, on 19 September 2022. Recent technological developments in sensors, edge computing, connectivity, and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies have accelerated the integration of data analysis based on embedded AI capabilities into resource-constrained, energy efficient hardware devices for processing information at the network edge.

New sensors, scalability, low power consumption, efficient connectivity and low latency in the edge infrastructure drive the expansion of the micro-, deep-, and meta-edge continuum and distributed AI-based computing architectures to support smarter applications. Hardware, software, algorithms, frameworks, and toolchains are essential for unlocking edge AI technologies? potential for various applications in several industrial sectors.

New edge processing circuits and devices are emerging, including CPUs, GPUs, TPUs, ASICs, FPGAs, SoC accelerators with novel neuromorphic processing architectures. This workshop combines academics, researchers, and industry practitioners from various fields, including AI, cyber-physical, and embedded systems, microelectronics circuits and devices, edge computing, and autonomous integrated systems. Different views on current and future embedded AI are discussed, and the latest developments in devices, techniques, and industrial-edge applications are presented.

The workshop also includes invited keynote talks and presentations with audience opportunities to interact with the speakers, discuss novel and exciting research, and establish new and fruitful collaborations in the embedded AI field. The EAI workshop is co-organised by three large-scale ECSEL JU projects, AI4DI, ANDANTE, and TEMPO, to provide a platform to exchange knowledge and ideas among experts and professionals interested in advances in AI circuits and device design, AI hardware architectures, industrial edge AI technologies, toolchains and applications.


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