Workshop Co-Chairs

Ovidiu Vermesan, SINTEF, Norway
Franz Wotawa,TU Graz, Austria
Stefan Woltran, TU Wien, Austria
Mario Diaz Nava, STM, France
Björn Debaillie, imec, Belgium


Important dates

June 01th, 2022: Submission deadline
June 10th, 2022: Acceptance information
June 24th, 2022: Author registration 
June 24th, 2022: Final paper submission 
July 25th– 26th , 2022: Workshop


Technical Committee

Cristina De Luca, Silicon Austria Labs, Austria
Ovidiu Vermesan, SINTEF, Norway
Franz Wotawa, TU Graz, Austria
Stefan Woltran, TU Wien, Austria
Mario Diaz Nava, STM, France
Björn Debaillie, imec, Belgium
Reiner John, AVL List, Austria
Marcello Coppola STM, France
Giulio Urlini, STMicroelectronics, Italy
Ilja Ocket, imec, Belgium
Sebastien Couet, imec, Belgium
Yannick Le Tiec, CEA, France
Alexandre Valentian, CEA, France
Thomas Kaempfe, Fraunhofer IPMS, Germany
Loreto Mateu, Fraunhofer-IIS, Germany
Rodrigo M. Fernandez, Fraunhofer-IIS, Germany
Luca Fanucci, University of Pisa, Italy
Giuseppe De Nicolao, University of Pavia, Italy
Davide M. Raimondo, University of Pavia, Italy
Andrea Dumbar, CSEM, Switzerland
Dennis Moolenaar, Philips, Netherland
Menno Lindwer, Grain Matter Labs, Netherland
Saad Al-Baddai, Infineon, Germany
Georg Pelz, Infineon, Germany
Christian Burmer, Infineon, Austria
Andreja Rojko, Infineon, Austria
Roman Kern, Know-Center, Austria


Call for Papers

Workshop Program




EAI4IA was a multidisciplinary workshop addressing AI technologies at the edge, giving an overview of silicon-born AI components to advance Moore?s law and accelerate the adoption of AI-based edge processing in different industries. Technological advances regarding edge AI embedded in electronic components and systems were presented, and the challenges of introducing embedded AI technologies for digitising industrial sectors were discussed. It was co-organised by three large-scale ECSEL JU projects: AI4DI, ANDANTE and TEMPO. EAI4IA comprised technical presentations, keynotes and panel discussions focusing on industrial-edge AI hardware, software and AI.

Nine papers from AI4DI were accepted for presentation at the workshop. All presentations are listed below. The workshop publications are bundled in an open-access book: Industrial Artificial Intelligence Technologies and Applications (



EAI4IA workshop agenda


Session: Trustworthy, Dependable AI for Digitising Industry

Frank Badstübner (Infineon Technologies AG, DE) Artificial Intelligence for Digitizing Industry (AI4DI)

Björn Debaillie (imec, BE) Technologies and hardware for neuromorphic computing (TEMPO)

Mario Diaz Nava (ST Microelectronics, FR) AI for New Devices and Technologies at the Edge (ANDANTE)



Session: Trustworthy, Dependable AI for Digitising Industry

David Kaufmann (AVL LIST, AT) A framework for integrating automated diagnosis into simulation

Lucas Mohimont (Université de Reims Champagne Ardenne, FR) AI-Driven Strategies to Implement a Grapevine Downy Mildew Warning System

Dinu Purice (Cognition Factory GmbH, DE) An End-to-End AI-based Automated Process for Semiconductor Device Parameter Extraction



Session: Embedded AI for semiconductor manufacturing

Annika Wandesleben (Fraunhofer IMPS, DE) Feasibility of wafer exchange for European Edge AI pilot lines

Saad Al-Baddai (Infineon Technologies AG, DE) Failure detection in semiconductor package

Lan Liu (Know-Center GmbH, AT) S2ORC-SemiCause: Annotating and Analysing Causality in the Semiconductor Domain

Dmitry Morits (VTT, FI) AI machine vision system for wafer defect detection



Session: AI model development workflow and HW target platforms deployment

Ovidiu Vermesan (SINTEF, NO) Embedded Edge Intelligent Processing for End-To-End Predictive Maintenance in Industrial Applications

Simon Narduzzi (CSEM, CH) Deploying a Convolutional Neural Network on Edge MCU and Neuromorphic Hardware Platforms

Ruben Prokscha (OTH Amberg-Weiden, DE) Efficient Edge Deployment Demonstrated on YOLOv5 and Coral Edge TPU

Preetha Vijayan (imec & TU Delft, NL) Temporal Delta Layer: Exploiting Temporal Sparsity in Deep Neural Networks for Time-Series



Data Session: Strategic Vision and Road mapping

Yves Gigase (KDT, BE) The KDT Joint Undertaking. A tutorial for the next generation of policy-makers and decision-takers

Dylan Muir (SynSense, CH) Disruptive technology development through SMEs. A view from Neuromorphic edge AI

Gerhard Friedrich (Universität Klagenfurt, AT) Strategic vision and road mapping: Industrial success stories of answer set / constraint programming. What?s still open?



Session: Explainable AI in the Embedded Electronics Industry Environment

Georgi Kuzmanov (KDT, BE) Key Digital Technologies JU. ECSEL and KDT Industrial AI Area Session: Verification, Validation and Benchmarking of AI Systems and Technologies

Loreto Mateu (Fraunhofer IIS, DE) Benchmarking Neuromorphic Computing for Inference

Amirreza Yousefzadeh (imec, NL) Benchmarking the Epiphany processor as a reference neuromorphic architecture

Franz Wotawa (Graz University of Technology, AT) On the Verification of Diagnosis Models



Session: Emerging AI Technologies in Industrial Applications

Reiner John (AVL, AU) The Future of Decision Making in SAR Quantum technology & distributed intelligence