Smart robot



The Smart Robot demonstrator addresses challenges in enabling robots to "see", "feel", and interface with humans and the environment around them. The Smart Robot demonstrator is a universal multi-modal cognitive sensing platform that can support different industries by synthetic real-life like data generation for AI-training, intuitive human-machine interaction, and usage of ROS for adaptability of different industrial robots, sensors, and other equipment.

Beyond state-of-the-art developments and impacts

The use of contact technologies for human-robot interaction is somewhat disruptive and enables more intuitive user experiences through, e.g., hand gestures. A key asset of using mm-wave radar sensors is that they can be used in diverse environments. Its unobtrusive nature ensures the comfort and privacy of the user/operator. All of this contrasts with the conventional sensor technologies that might be considered, such as touchscreens, video cameras, or LiDAR systems.