Inbound logistic process optimization



The demonstrator addresses the systemic analysis and decision-making for responding to critical supply chains. Different data streams are injected into the AI ​​core to react to disruptions quickly as possible with suitable measures. The following points are to be implemented with the demonstrator to improve the currently manually controlled process chain in inbound dispatching:

  • A demonstrator for monitoring the inbound supply flow and countermeasures
  • Disruptions in the supply chain are proactively identified
  • The effects of the disruptions and possible measures are evaluated
  • The algorithm proposes a recommendation for measure.

Beyond state-of-the-art developments and impacts

With the implementation of the near-series solution, it will be possible for the first time to automate the complex and manually controlled process of controlling critical parts. The most significant impact lies in the traceability of decisions and the elimination of possible human misjudgements.