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08th January 2021, online@Vimeo

AI4DI consortium partners are happy to show the 1st Webinar of the AI4DI project. This Webinar presents the topics of artificial intelligence for automotive manufacturing and mobility-as-a-service. Focusing on innovation and progress in automotive sectors and provides valuable insights on current technologies and a glance into the future.

4th December 2020, online



AI4DI consortium partners are happy to invite everyone to join the 1st Webinar of the AI4DI project. This Webinar will present the topics of artificial intelligence for automotive manufacturing and mobility-as-a-service. Focusing on innovation and progress in automotive sectors, the event will provide valuable insights on current technologies, and a glance into the future.

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25th – 26th November 2020, online



AI4DI partners presented the project in a virtual booth during the EFECS 2020.

AI4DI virtual booth attracted visitors’ attention with three project videos: video presenting artificial intelligence for mobility-as-a-service, smart robot recordings, and visualisations of the virtual environments. Furthermore, eight posters depicting the progress in different supply chains of the project were displayed, together with the general presentation of the AI4DI goals and the general poster. 

EFECS is the international forum with a focus on ‘Our Digital Future’ along the Electronic Components and Systems value chain in Europe. It is one of the most impactful events of the year, co-organised by AENEAS, ARTEMIS-IA, EPoSS, ECSEL Joint Undertaking and the European Commission, in association with EUREKA and supported by BMBF. The event was attended by over 900 representatives from the industry, academia, and policymaking domains.   

27th October 2020 in Kaunas, Lithuania

AI4DI project and consortium were presented during the MAKING INDUSTRY 4.0 REAL conference and industry representatives’ gathering. During the event, Europe’s technology industries’ vision for 2030 were presented, together with Factories of the Future and how digitalisation can improve productivity.

24th September 2020 in Vilnius, Lithuania


AI4DI partners attended the annual innovation festival LOGIN 2020 in Vilnius, to discuss future technologies in celebration of digital culture. LOGIN is the largest, richest in content, and probably the boldest innovation gathering in the Baltics.

This year the event took over the biggest exhibition and congress venue in Vilnius, where seven stages hosted 150+ speakers holding sessions on the most relevant digitization topics of today. Focusing on innovation and progress, the event provided valuable insights on current technologies, and a glance into the future.

7th – 8th July 2020 online


AI4DI project was presented during the online PCIM Europe 2020 event by representatives from Fraunhofer. Their presentation was titled “foxBMS - Free and Open BMS Platform Focused on Functional Safety and AI”. The last years have shown a strong market demand for lithium-ion battery systems with higher energy densities, longer lifetimes, and lower costs, but at the same time without compromising safety. To help developers, engineers and researchers worldwide, Fraunhofer IISB has established the free and open source Battery Management System (BMS) development platform “foxBMS”. The foxBMS platform consists of a modular hardware and software architecture and a complete software development toolchain.

24th June 2020 online


AI4DI partners joined the annual ECSEL JU Symposium, which took place online this year. During the event, the ECSEL JU community discussed some of the most urgent issues and tried to answer the questions, such as: How can instruments like ECSEL JU contribute in a pragmatic way to speed socio-economic recovery and strengthen the EU’s digital sovereignty? What are the new opportunities created by digital industries for the short and mid-term? What level of investment and strategic global alliances for RD&I should the EU contemplate? How to mobilize the required financial resources supporting national and European policy measures in Key Digital Technologies?

28th - 30th January 2020 in Tampere, Finland

The mindtrek takes place in Tampere from 28th to 30th january 2020. During this conference Sami Dahlmann had a presentation about the Evolution of Autonomous Technologies for Industrial Environments.

The mindtrek takes place in Tampere from 28th to 30th january 2020. During this conference Sami Dahlmann had a presentation about the Evolution of Autonomous Technologies for Industrial Environments.

His Topic includes the AI4DI project too. His Presentation covered some really interesting topics like the Reinforcement learning workflow for work cycle automation explained in high level or  Main stream automation control methods compared with bias to machine learning evolution: DETERMINISTIC, SUPERVISED DEEP LEARNING and main topic REINFORCEMENT LEARNING.

23rd January 2020 in Bologna, Italy


Bologna Congressi S.p.a. - Polo Congressuale, Piazza Costituzione, 4/A - 40128 Bologna

The AI for Digitising Industry SymposiumExploring the Future (AI4DIS 2020) is organised by ECSEL JU project AI4DI, to provide a pan-European platform to exchange information among experts and professionals interested in fundamental advances and applications of AI, with an emphasis on various AI methods and techniques for digitising industry.

The Symposium welcomes all participants aiming to build strong connections between industry and research communities across Europe to address the challenges of AI technologies for electronic components and systems for digitising industry and discuss new trends in AI technologies, standards and deployment aspects on a global scale.

AI4DIS 2020 is a venue for researchers, scientists, system developers, manufacturers, practitioners and standardization experts to share a joint interest in the research and developments of the AI, embedded systems, communication and IIoT technologies for the digital transformation of industry.

22nd - 24th January 2020 in Bologna, Italy

AI4DI Consortium members and guests met in Bologna for a three-day event of project’s technical meeting, vision meeting, and the AI4DI Symposium.

The 22nd of January was dedicated to project’s internal technical meetings, addressing the developments in the Supply Chains and following the activities defined in Work Package 2 ‘System Level Design for Industrial AI Solutions’.

 9th - 10th October 2019 Malaga, Spain


Once again, Malaga is home to S-Moving forum 9-10 oct 2019, dedicated to raise awareness of the latest technological advances in intelligent, autonomous and connected vehicle. From MCC,we understand that it is an ideal environment to show the progress of the project and to participate in its different events.

Please find attached info and registration link, and as soon as possible, we´ll send you different forms of participation (stands for particular participants, MCC corporate stand,technical papers) in the event.

30th - 31st July 2019 Regensburg, Germany

AI4DI partners have discussed requirements and specifications during the WP1 Requirements meeting in Regensburg. During the first day each supply chain have presented their use case, representing their industry demonstration.

During the second day workshop groups, the members define technical and functional requirements, requirements in the further clusters and discuss current standards in company, industry and science 

20th - 21st May 2019 in Reims, France

The AI4DI project started with a kick-off meeting which took place on May 20th – 21st 2019 at University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne in Reims, France. The kick-off was inaugurated by the project coordinator Mr Reiner John (Infineon Technologies). Work Package leaders presented the planning of their work for the first year of the project. Supply Chain leaders gave thought-provoking overviews of the key issues related to technology application areas and overviews of the different industries. The main objectives for the meeting were to set the official start of the project, to establish connections between all partners, to provide clarifications about administrative aspects, and to define the specific work that each participant is going to fulfil during the project lifetime.



AI4DI has received funding within the Electronic Components and Systems for European Leadership Joint Undertaking (ECSEL JU) in collaboration with the European Union's H2020 Framework Programme and National Authorities, under grant agreement n° 826060.



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