Wood machinery with perception of the surrounding environment



The demonstrator is based on a specific type of sensors that have been selected considering their cost, efficiency, and data rate. The ultrasonic sensor grid can accurately detect the portion of the machinery area that can be occupied, from time to time, by humans. Of the different types of sensors that have been considered (video, laser scanner, etc.), the right compromise that fulfills the specific requirements was found in the matrix of ultrasonic sensors that have been chosen. The demonstrator detects the presence of obstacles near a woodworking machine, slowing down or stopping the machine's cabinet in case of detection.

Beyond state-of-the-art developments and impacts

The current approach to the human presence detection in the wood machinery field requires the machine to be nearly stopped for any detection of human presence in a large area surrounding the machinery, causing a significant delay in the production time. In the approach developed by the demonstrator, the refinement of the sensing and detecting capabilities is increased with the use of specific AI-based applications. These AI-based applications can guarantee a higher level of reliability of the detection while ensuring a fast response to the detection connecting the sensing and processing unit directly to the machinery and its controls.