Autonomous reconfigurable battery system



The demonstrator aims to combine various retired batteries with very heterogeneous performance characteristics within one battery system. For this purpose, it is essential to accurately determine the state parameters, like the state of health and state of charge (SoC) of each single battery cell during the operation. According to the state parameters and the performance requirements, an optimal reconfiguration is executed where specific battery cells are bypassed or enabled. A longer lifetime of the battery cells is ensured. One of the main challenges for repurposing EV batteries within second-life applications is the uncertain battery performance due to their heterogeneous lifetime and degradation. Using AI algorithms, battery cells with heterogeneous performance characteristics can be combined within one battery system.

Beyond state-of-the-art developments and impacts

The autonomous reconfigurable battery system overcomes the homogeneity requirements of a battery system by combining battery cells with heterogenous performance requirements using AI-based state parameter prediction algorithms and online activation by bypassing the switching modules. The accurate state parameter prediction and the enable/bypass modules ensure safety, accuracy, high energy efficiency, and low power consumption. Using the autonomous reconfigurable battery system allows demonstrating the efficient utilisation of old electric vehicle batteries in second-life applications for OEMs and manufacturers of stationary energy storage systems.